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Eyeglass Anti Fog

eyeglass anti fog

Eyeglass wearers have been battling smudges, scratches, and fogginess for decades, but this year’s dilemma demanded an eyeglass anti fog solution to battle the ongoing problem of mask wearing.

Even during a normal year, there are many professions that require masks, googles and safety gear on the job. These workers must combat eyeglass fogginess throughout the day. Healthcare workers, firefighters, construction workers, divers, skiers, welders, etc. struggle to see what they are doing on a regular basis.

A temporary but rather uncomfortable and sometimes painful solution is tightening the mask or goggles. Tight masks tend to injure the back of the ears and can even cause face rashes from the build-up of bacteria. Tight goggles occasionally cause headaches. But there are times when the fogginess cannot be resolved this way.

Eyeglass fogginess can occur throughout the day for anyone.

  • If you are wearing a mask anywhere it is required, you are likely to have this problem when wearing glasses.
  • If you are wearing glasses and stirring steaming hot food on the stove, the sudden burst of steam will cover your lenses completely.
  • If you open a hot oven to remove something you have cooked, your glasses will fog up as the steam escapes.
  • If you step outside of an air-conditioned home or office wearing your glasses, the sudden exposure to heat will fog your glasses.
  • If you lower your window in an air-conditioned car, your glasses or sunglasses will fog up and you will not be able to see where you are going.

The No Fog Cloth and No Fog Gel were designed for everyday use to prevent fogginess caused by heat and moisture. Both products should be used on clean glasses. They add a protective coat that prevents the condensation of moisture on the lens surface.

Many eyeglass no fog treatments will, unfortunately, cause smudges on glasses that are treated with special coatings. If your glasses are coated with a no glare treatment, the No Fog products will give you crystal clear visibility and the no fog protection you are looking for.

Fogginess is exacerbated when the temperature of the room is colder. There is less of a problem outdoors in the warm weather. But, inside cold, air-conditioned rooms, the problem persists year-round.

No matter your profession or how often you battle eyeglass problems, having a no fail eyeglass anti fog solution that you can carry in your pocket anywhere and lasts all day long is an easy-to-implement answer to dealing with this common inconvenience.