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Eyeglass Cleaner Wipes

Never before have so many eyeglass wearers been keenly aware of their need for eyeglass cleaner wipes. Most of us are accustomed to the occasional fogging that results from temperature extremes but dealing with eyeglasses fogginess daily while wearing a mask forces eyeglass wearers to do something  to solve the problem.

The No Fog Cloth™ was designed by optical experts to clean eyeglasses and prevent fogging up for the entire day. Easy to carry anywhere, they are the best eyeglass cleaner wipes for maintaining clear lenses, better visibility, and your sanity!

As optical lens wipes for glasses, No Fog is designed to work on all types of lenses from eyeglasses to sunglasses and even telescope lenses. Keep any type of optical lens clean and clear all day long with these handy, reusable wipes.

The No Fog Cloth offers several benefits:

 Easy to carry anywhere – fits in any pocket or purse.

·        Reusable up to 200 times

·        Fog prevention lasts up to 12 hours.

·        #1 rated by optometrists and opticians.

·        No odor

·        Comes with a resealable pouch.

·        Safe for any lens type, including special coatings.

Lens cleaning wipes for glasses are often one-time use, disposable cleaners that simply remove residue with alcohol. No Fog applies a special coating to both sides of your lenses to prevent condensation from accumulating on the surface, keeping your glasses clean and clear the entire day.

If you wear glasses every day to work and struggle to see your computer monitor, you will be both delighted and relieved to experience how easily No Fog Cloth can restore your visibility. Don’t give up your everyday activities because of the difficulties caused by masks. No Fog Cloth puts you back in control of your life to enjoy your normal routine with ease.

Easy to use and difficult to live without, the No Fog Cloth ships free to you anywhere in the United States. Why not place your order today for a brighter, clearer future tomorrow?