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How to Stop Glasses from Fogging

Eyeglass wearers have always battled foggy glasses, but now with mandated mask wearing in place, knowing how to stop glasses from fogging is top of mind for more Americans than ever before.

Eyeglasses wearers experience foggy glasses in a few different, common situations:

  •           Steam rising from food cooking on the stove.
  •           Steam rising from an open oven.
  •           Steam from hot sink or shower water.
  •           Breath escaping face masks.

In each scenario, warm, moist air is rising on the inside of the lenses, leaving tiny water droplets on the glass as the lens cools that air and water condensates. This problem occurs both on clean and dirty lenses. The first three situations, while annoying, are occasional and the eyeglasses wearer can solve the problem by temporarily removing his or her glasses.

But wearing masks everywhere, from stores to gyms to grocery stores, presents an ongoing problem for eyeglass wearers that is frustrating and impedes visibility. Masks direct breath upwards towards the wearer’s glasses throughout the day. Tight fitting masks and masks that provide a better seal at the top are better at containing the user’s breath inside the mask, but many come at the cost of discomfort around the ears where the strings pull tightly.

In fact, more and more people have been turning to Lasik surgery to correct their vision out of the frustration of living with foggy glasses every day. While Lasik may offer long term relief, not everyone is prepared to undergo surgery and face the expense to solve a temporary problem.

No Fog Solutions offers a great answer to this problem with products that apply a thin layer to protect the glasses from surface tension, which is responsible for the fogginess, using either the No Fog Cloth™ or No Fog Gel™. Both provide an effective way to prevent fogginess for up to twelve hours no matter the type of mask worn or cause for fogginess.

The No Fog Cloth is small enough to bring anywhere and quick and easy to use on the go. Each cloth is reusable up to two hundred times. It is a low cost, sensible solution for people who want to know how to stop glasses from fogging. Why not order yours today for a clearer day tomorrow?