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Washing Glasses Cloth

Washing your glasses cloth rids it of dirt build up and makes the microfiber cloth more effective for your next eyeglass cleaning. Since these cloths are ideal for trapping dirt, they do tend to get quite dirty. Some people throw them away but if the material is in one piece, the glasses cloth can be reused.

Shaking out the washing lens cloth will remove some fibers, but hand washing in the sink with cold water and dish soap is simple way to get it clean. Certainly, you can place it in your washing machine with other clothes. Just avoid drying in the dryer where it can pick up additional lint.

 After washing lens cleaning cloths, you can thoroughly clean your glasses.

  • Begin by rinsing the lenses of your eyeglasses in cold or warm tap water
  • Add a drop of dish soap to each lends and rub both sides of the lends and the entire frame.
  • Rinse glasses thoroughly in water
  • Shake off excess water
  • Dry glasses with a clean towel or washcloth
  • Remove any smudges from the lenses with a clean micro-fiber cloth

If you need something portable to clean your classes (you are traveling and cannot access a sink), you can use eyeglass cleaner in place of water. If your glasses have special coatings on them, be sure the cleaner you use is safe to use with those coatings.

Scratched glasses can appear unclear even when clean. While there do exist, some formulas claiming to reduce the appearance of scratches, they do eventually wipe away and can add some additional smudges to your lenses. Scratched glasses will need to be replaced when the scratches interfere with your vision. You can purchase glasses with scratch-resistance and request a warranty for coverage in the event your glasses do get scratches.

Keep Your Clean Glasses Fog Free

washing glasses clothWhen your glasses are clean, you will also want to keep them fog-free. Using the No Fog Cloth is especially helpful when wearing a mask or performing an activity near heat or steam. When glasses fog up, you can lose all your visibility in a moment’s notice. If driving or handling something delicate or hot, loss of vision can be quite unsettling as you are compelled to make a quick decision while blinded.

Wiping your eyeglasses with the No Fog Cloth will keep them crystal clear for the entire day.

If you follow these steps for washing glasses cloth, lenses, and fog protection, you will face less frustration and enjoy clearer vision through your daily routine.